The 2019 Collection 

’Italian Carrara Marble’

Just 10 Baresi & Caine Timepieces will be crafted each year.


Baresi & Caine timepieces feature bold designs made from Italian Carrara marble featuring a smooth automatic self propitiating mechanism that is handcrafted to the highest of quality.

Each individual piece of marble set inside the timepiece is completely unique so no Baresi & Caine watch will ever look the same.

Mixing contemporary lines with classic Italian stylings a Baresi & Caine timepiece is one of a kind, an understated and effortlessly stylish watch that comes with its own unique build number registered to each customer from birth.


We are pleased to announce that the first of our Baresi & Caine Exquisite Collection has been sold to world champion boxer Amir King Khan. A beautiful Timepiece handmade in Rose Gold to his bespoke specification. Prices start from £35,000.  

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The contemporary collection of essential timepieces inspired by the classic designs of Italy